Vladimir Weaver: 13+1
Vladimir Weaver: 13+1

Sci-Fi - Entertainment - Adventure - Action - Excitement - Love

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Vladimir Weaver

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Vladimir Weaver

"It’s an understatement when I say I was astounded, when my friend Vladimir, whom I have known for not less than 15 years, announced that he had finished his science- fiction novel, and would be happy to send it to me to read.

And he did so without any pomposity, with his natural phlegm. Only talented people are capable of this: they are not the slightest surprised by their extraordinary achievements. Of course, writing a book is only a considerable achievement, if it has a value, or at least it entertains. Ree Vox’s adventure in a chaotic world unknown to today’s man is exciting, moving, and captivating at the same time. The author’s creativity is mixed with deep understanding of the science-fiction world, thanks to which he makes the story plausible, maintains the reader’s attention incessantly, and at occasions, he stretches the reader’s nerves to the breaking point. Due to our friendship, it is hard to assess the book objectively, but I am convinced that I can heartily recommend the book for reading!"

István Major Jr.
Director of Alba Regia Symphonic Orchestra

"A great book; when reading it, you feel like you are indeed outside the Earth, and when you get out of the spell of reading, you do not at all feel like returning to the Earth. It is an excellent way of entertainment; I recommend it to everybody."

Gábor Fidler
Chief Advisor, Former School Headmaster

"It’s so good to fly to Mynodis every morning. Yes, I looked forward to being there with Ree Vox, to experience this unique atmosphere, to taste this greatly envisioned world! I love its characters; they’ve become my acquaintances.

I’d proudly fight on Ree’s side, shoulder to shoulder, and happily flirt with any of the female characters, because they are all extraordinary and beautiful… The exciting story lines, the author’s unique humour, the well-developed, graphic characters and the whole imaginary geography and technical world! … I miss it all. When can we fly again?"

Sieradzan Sebastian Jerzy
Head of Szivárvány Törzs Public Benefit Organisation

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Vladimir Weaver: 13+1
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